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A Big Job

It's been days, days, and more days of rainy, cloudy, cold, and just plain miserable weather. We're all sick of it - especially those of us who have to work in it. So, we were incredibly grateful to have some beautiful weather while working to install this very, very long water line. It was a perfect day to be working outside!

Sometimes plumbing problems call for some innovation. This customer needed 1500 feet of water line installed. Instead of trenching all the way through the customer's yard (and the yards of several of her neighbors), we used a brand new piece of equipment called a slitter to pull the new water line through the old one. This allowed us to only have to dig in a few areas. We had almost our entire crew out for this one over the weekend so we could get this customer the new water line she needed while saving her some cost. Here's some shots of how the work began...

Going over the plan of attack...

When you finally find the pipe!

We had an audience too.

When you rent equipment on a Friday, you often can keep it over the weekend at no extra cost. We scheduled this job this way to save our customer some money on an already expensive job. Our crew will go the extra mile to help customers out when we can!

We found the water line...

500 feet of continuous water supply line...

Who knew playing in the mud could be so productive?

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