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Pamper Your Plumbing 

Maintenance Club

Take the worry out of your plumbing

Many plumbing problems can be avoided with some regular maintenance. We are dedicated to helping and encouraging our  to prevent what we can while also saving some money throughout the year

What’s Included?

Each option includes a few basics to be sure your plumbing is running smoothly, a percentage off labor  throughout the year, as well as other perks of being a loyal Young Plumbing customer.

Affordable Options for Every Customer


Basic Maintenance Package

Annual Plumbing Maintenance

  • All toilets inspected for leaks/malfunctions and flappers replaced if needed

  • All exposed and easily accessible pipes inspected for corrosion, leaks, and loose connections

  • All fixtures inspected

  • Outdoor hose bibs or fixtures inspected

  • Water heater flushed and inspected for rust, leaks, and damage

  • Water pressure checked

  • 10% off all labor for one year



Kitchen Sink

Preferred Customer Package

Includes the Annual Plumbing Maintenance PLUS

  • Screens/aerators cleaned on all faucets

  • Hair and debris cleared from all tub and shower drains

  • 15% off all labor for one year




Priority Customer Package

Includes the Annual Plumbing Maintenance, Preferred Customer Package PLUS 

  • All sink drains cleaned-- P-traps cleaned and new seals installed

  • One free service call including minor clogs, broken fixtures, or a toilet malfunction (labor only)

  • 15% off all labor for on year

  • PRIORITY scheduling



Call today to discuss becoming a Maintenance Club Member!

Not Included

  • discounted materials

  • after hours service

   (Full emergency service will still apply.)

  • guarantees

While our hope is that utilizing regular maintenance will help you avoid major plumbing issues, not all things can be prevented. It is possible that you will still need service for a leak, malfunction, clog, or other plumbing issue. In that case, you do receive a discount on labor for being a customer who pampers their plumbing.​

*Prices based on homes with one kitchen and up to three bathrooms.  More than one kitchen or three baths will incur additional fees based on fixtures. Tankless heaters will incur an extra charge as well.